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  Wenzhou Xika Electrical Co.,Ltd. is one of the largest industrial electric manufacturers in China and is a boundless enterprise, which specially develops, manufactures and sells the world leading level high and low voltage electrics and element, transmit distribution equipment, power equipment, instrument and meter, building electric, Automation, wire and cable, electricity and electric equipment etc.
  The enterprise has won seven attestations of ISO9001 CE, CB, German VDE, China Compulsory Certification(CCC).And solely enjoyed WIPO protection.(Certificate No:712498).
  We possess a giant of distribution and service webs in 120 countries and regions in the world and occupied the first place in China low voltage electrices from 2000 to 2007 continuously for 7 years.
  We also have set up over 600 marketing organizations at home and the market occupancy has been raised uninterruptedly. 【More】

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    Perfect production process, not only that we have advanced production equipment and perfect testing means, we pay more...